Zooppa is Growing with You: Introducing TLNT Holdings

Zooppa merges with Talenthouse and Ello to create TLNT Holdings—bringing together three powerhouse creative communities.

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Zooppa, Ello, and Talenthouse Team

Zooppa has been a game changer in the creative field for over 12 years now, born from H-Farm in Italy as a small but powerful start-up.

We have always believed in creativity, sharing ideas, and the strength of community and teamwork. We’ve worked hard through the years with our community (that’s you!) to build one of the largest, most dynamic creative communities in the world.

And we’re not just all talk.

In just a few years, Zooppa successfully established itself in the panorama of digital communication. With the added ingredient of human touch, we’ve built a network of creative and passionate people powered by crowdsourcing and the latest creative tech.

Over the years, Zooppa has honed in on its expertise in video, media and campaign production, expanding its offer from Open Projects to Private Projects and more. We’ve expanded to NYC and Milan in addition to our headquarters on the Ca-Tron H-Farm campus.

Now, the Zooppa family continues to grow—

As said through the words of Zooppa’s CEO Timothy O’Connell:

“We are enthusiastic about this fusion that brings together very important realities. Motivated by the same objective and under the same roof to radically change the approach of the creative process. For Zooppa, joining TLNT represents important global recognition and the culmination of a path of growth that—in recent years—has led to dialogue with the most important international brands. We have created campaigns together, that have become viral. I have no doubt that our creative community and network will continue to have a disruptive impact on the world of communication. Together, we will continue to change how brands and agencies interact with their audience.”

This is a monumental turning point in the growth and evolution that we have shared with our community in recent years. TLNT Holdings is a new platform with the cutting-edge creative technology and a specialized team. We’re constantly working to bring the best to life in the creative world.

But what does that mean for you?

Only good things. With our new creative network of over 5 million members across 200 countries, we’ll be able to offer more opportunities, more projects, and a broader, more inclusive community.

We’re offering more design, photography, campaign and video projects for all Zooppa, Ello, and Talenthouse members. And a more robust, diverse creative network for all. 

Excited? So are we. But this is just the beginning… Stay tuned—we have so many new and exciting things to share with you.

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