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Message ON a Bottle: Design Labels for Labelado!

Labelado needs you to design and create inspirational sample labels!

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Labelado is a new portal for designers and brands to print and design labels online. They want to make the Bottle and the Label the center of attention as ways of communicating messages and expressing ideas.

Labelado needs your creativity in designing and creating inspirational sample labels! And who better than our Zooppers for this task? Check out the full details of the Open Project brief here!

What Are We Looking For?

There are no specific products or brands to promote. Come up with a message you’d like to communicate on the issues of Climate Change or Social/Cultural Diversity. Then bring your vision to life in the form of a product label of your choice.

Flex your creativity in the realms of visual design, copywriting, and concept development. Experiment with designs and methods of communication!

This is also a great chance to connect and collaborate with other designers and creatives in the Zooppa community. See incoming submissions for inspiration and introduce yourself in the Project Discussion Forum!

Make a statement with Labelado in the most original and captivating way! 

What You Need to Do:

  • First, go to the Labelado website to see all the design options and label vessels that the new portal offers in the Create A Quote section
  • Then choose the message/issues you want to address, related to the themes of climate change or social/cultural diversity that are close to your heart or inspire your
  • Lastly, design three labels that effectively and creatively communicate your message. In the Materials folder on the project page, you will find the detailed requirements for product mockups.

Let your minds run wild—we are looking for so good it can’t be ignored label design ????

As a new and developing platform, Labelado is seeking feedback from users. Feel free to provide input on improvements to the platform and the design process. They are looking to ensure simple, fast, and intuitive navigation of the site and designer.

As you create your label, keep in mind you want to inspire both graphic designers and brands that would seek the services offered by Labelado!

Prizes totaling € 4,000 with Deadline of February 18, 2020

Curious? Looking for more info and specifics about the project and how to participate? If you are already a part of our community, you can access the brief directly on the community platform.

If you’re not registered yet, create your own profile on Zooppa (it’s completely free) and join our global creative community today!

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Please contact us at or

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