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Case Study: BISSELL BARKBATH Dual Use Open Project

Check out the Case study of our latest Open Video Project and why YOU should apply to become a Z-VIP today.

And why YOU should apply to become a Z-VIP Creative today.

Who doesn’t want to feel special? If being a “VIP” doesn’t sound enticing enough, maybe some perks (such as private project access and pre-pledging) would convince you to apply!

Following a Private Project for BISSELL’s BARKBATH Dual Use, we launched an open project with Zooppa community again. And because you guys crushed it so hard before (remember the first ever Bissell BarkBath?), the bar was set high. We knew we needed our All-Stars to step up to the plate. 

Read on for our BISSELL BARKBATH Case Study to get a little peek of what goes on behind the scenes during our Open Projects. You’ll see why Bissell can’t get enough of you guys and why YOU should apply for the VIP program today!


Earlier in 2019, Bissell approached us with a private project for our VIP community. They wanted a :90 second spot that would be the hero video of their IndieGoGo campaign for their newest product—the BISSELL BARKBATH Dual Use. Our Veteran Z-VIP filmmaker Meghan Frederico won the pitch and we went into production shortly after.

Bissell BarkBath Dual Use IndieGoGo campaign video by Meghan Frederico
Directed by Meghan Frederico

Needless to say, BISSELL’s IndieGoGo campaign was a huge success. Their original campaign goal was $75k but their campaign earned them over $160k. That’s 216% over their target funding! Heck yeah. With the crowdfunding campaign all wrapped up, Bissell returned with their next idea for the Zooppa community—an Open Project.


Bissell asked our creative community to create :30 second videos highlighting the dual-use functionality of the BarkBath Dual-Use while featuring those irresistibly lovable canine best friends. We wanted the content to build awareness that there’s FINALLY an easier, faster, less messy way to clean your dog and your home… And it’s the BISSELL BARKBATH Dual Use! 

Bissell BarkBath Dual Use Winner Moments by Loren O'Brien
Moments by Loren O’Brien


With only 40 products available to deliver to our creative teams, we knew we had to take a different approach to this open project. The Zooppa team first invited our VIP filmmakers to a 5-day pre-pledge period before opening it up to the entire community. 

We were overwhelmed with the response from both our VIP community and general North American Zooppa community. We were granted 5 extra BarkBaths and we still didn’t have enough product to fulfill all the pledges.

(And that’s why you should be subscribed to our newsletter—cause that’s where you’ll get to-the-minute updates on the launch and progress of all of our projects!)


Partners in Crime by Disciple Media

We were absolutely blown away. And if you think that the VIPs got favorites and took all the gold, think again. Up-and-coming stars snagged spots in the top 12 too, surprising all of us. Some were filmmakers who have stepped up their game to newcomers in the community. And who doesn’t love an underdog? All were happily welcomed into our VIP community.

We received 50 submissions over the course of the entire project! That’s 50 videos from 20 states, 2 countries, and over 60 clean and happy pups! In the end, 12 winners were crowned and two runner ups were picked up by the Bissell team and rewarded Honorable Mentions by the Zooppa Staff.

We had such a great time working with and guiding all of our creatives to success. And our community members had fun competing in this project as well!

We have testimony from your fellow Zooppers to prove it—

“Bissell Barkbath was by far the most fun I’ve had working on an open project for Zooppa. I’m a huge dog lover, and really wanted to make a dog commercial for years. So when I saw this opportunity I felt like it was a sign and that I needed to do it. I also legitimately like the product and find it useful in everyday life with my own dog!”Matthew Gary, Second Place

“This time around, working on the Bissell Bark Bath project was rewarding because we got to see the talent in our 8 year old daughter shine.  She told the story of our family dog, Scruffy, on camera with confidence and we are really proud of her. We make a point to find real people for projects with real stories to tell.”Peace Love Films, Fourth place

A Bath Designed for Dogs by Landon Donoho

We’re so proud of you and the great work we’ve made together. We can’t wait to see what our Open Project for Bissell Air320 and all the other projects we have lined up in 2020 will bring.

If we haven’t made it a case enough already for you to submit to our Z-VIP community, maybe taking a look at some of the submissions to ‘Pet Happens’ and who is applying to the VIP Portal will change your mind. We really hope it will.

See you all next time!

Zooppa Community Team

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