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Labelado ‘Message on a Bottle’ Open Design Project Winners

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The time has arrived! After taking a long, deep dive into the abundant, uplifting, and creative submissions to Labelado’s ‘Message on a Bottle!’ Open Design Project, we’re excited to finally share the winners!

We launched the project in our home base of Italy towards the end of 2019 but decided to eventually open it up to the rest of the world at the top of 2020. There were six amazing submissions that took home cash prizes totaling to nearly $4,500—or €4,000.  And believe us when we say; it was hard to narrow it all the way down from the 95 total submissions we received.

Labelado—a new label design website and service—asked our community of creatives to create sample labels for their new platform through an Open Project. Labels should address topics of climate change or social/cultural diversity in three different label formats/vessels and be eye-catching and most of all, inspirational.

In the end, we received almost 300 pieces of work from 95 graphic designers, students, professionals, and hobbyists! You guys all rock. And, of course, the response of our community blew our expectations out of the water!

So without further ado, let’s give a round of applause and show some love to our top six winners!

6th Place – €500 | “Oltre le apparenze” (Beyond Appearances) by Martinacuonz

This concept plays with sexuality in otherwise non-sexual subjects in a PG and intuitive manner. We love the beautiful choice in colors that helps to convey the message. The choice of the product type is also very in line with the concept.

5th Place – €500 | “Abbraccia di gusto” (Embrace of Taste) by Callmegaia

We admire the single concept conveyed in different forms with the strong sense of cohesiveness between labels, The theme of ‘embrace’ is very impactful and effortless across the concept, play on words, and the product. The choice of vessels and processing for the theme was ideal for the product, the illustrations, and the concept.

4th Place – €500 | “No diversity, no party” by Romanopaola

Three totally standalone concepts that were all very innovative and well executed. The choice of cards, process methods, colors and all were in line across all three concepts!

3rd Place – €500 | “Il futuro nelle nostre mani” (The Future in Our Hands) by Noemi3

Very accurate illustrations, interesting development of the idea of the hand and a beautiful use of lettering. Ideal choice of paper for the type of labels and products—the concept is understood immediately and easily.

2nd Place – €800 | “Social diversity e vasetti di marmellata” (Social Diversity and Jam Jars) by Giulia-dot-daten

The concept is very simple in development but complex on the level of copy. At the same time it’s very fun and memorable! It’s an excelled starting concept with very interesting development across different vessels. The choice of papers and processes reflect the simplicity of the product.

1st Place – €1.200 | “Me too” by Marianpanda

Very effective idea! It’s immediately coherent and aligned with the proposed theme. The choice of cards and processing is in line with the subjects represented and it was a great choice to create a link between the product and the message itself. Excellently executed with detail and care!

Congratulations to the six Zooppers who took home the prize! And congrats again to all the Zooppers who participated.

In addition to the selected winners, we also published the shortlist of the 20 projects preferred by the client! Take a look here.

We’ll be back soon with more—stick around!

Until Next Time,
Zooppa Community Team

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