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Staying Inspired at Home with the Zooppa Team

Get tips on how to stay inspired and positive from the Zooppa Staff—then take your inspiration to the method 'there's good inside' Open Project!

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One of our most important goals is creating a space for Zooppers where their creativity and talent can grow. And that’s exactly what we want to do with method’s ‘there’s good inside’ Open Video Project!

It’s not every day we get to launch a project asking for stories about your creativity and inspirations, rather than brand/product videos. method’s motto is “there’s good inside… And that’s what we want you to interpret and rediscover!

We want to emphasize that we’re not looking for method commercials or cleaning supplies videos. 

Featuring method products is the least important thing on the list of priorities for this project. We want to see a deeper part of you; inspiring moments in your day; what’s currently flowing through your creative veins. We want to be inspired by how you are staying inspired, positive, and creative while staying indoors.

But we know that even in ‘normal times’, staying inspired, creative, and productive is hard. That’s why we’ve decided to share some tricks we practice in our own lives. Below, you’ll find some little rituals, exercises in creativity, and explorations of new practices that Zooppa Staff members have found themselves doing!

How to Stay Inspired & Positive from the Zooppa Staff

Globe Trotting Through Music

Listen to music from different cultural backgrounds and in different languages—languages you may or may not know.

Did you know that Post-Punk is huge in China? Ever thought about exploring Norweigan Jazz? Perhaps you just want to get a move on to the ‘May: I Have This Dance’ playlist, curated by Zooppa’s very own Client Operations Coordinator, Colin.

Or maybe you just need to be sprawled out on the floor to take catalog of new songs you’re working on like Zooppa’s Community & Partnerships Coordinator Ada does.

Revisiting Old Memories

Taking a walk down memory lane never fails to spark inspiration. Don’t be afraid to revisit old ideas that have been aging on the back burner. Return to some unfinished passion projects you started when we didn’t have enough time on our hands. Reimagine and recreate old works of art, songs, and projects with a fresh perspective. For example, Colin has been reorganizing old film photos and creating photo albums out of them.

Maintaining Routine

How do you get ready for your day and what tools you use to organize your thoughts and create plans? Do you color code your daily agendas like Ada does? How do you unplug after a long day at work? What are your nighttime rituals? Why don’t you show us how you’re making the most of the space you’re living in like Colin does!

By Zooppa NYC’s Colin Pieters

Get Your Blood Flowing

Take time out of your day to get active, take a deep breath, or get a good stretch in. Moving your body does wonders for your creative, mental, and emotional health—especially when we’re stuck inside all the time. Ada likes to start her day with a socially-distanced run around the neighborhood or doing sun salutations on her roof.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Is there a recipe you’ve always wanted to try to make but you never had the time? Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you’re a photographer who wants to dabble in film. Or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at turning your illustrations into animations.

Take the skills you have to the next level by taking online courses such as the ones on Masterclass or Skillshare—both of which are Zooppa Staff favorites for exploring new creative fields or fine tuning your creative skills.

(P.S. Please make sure no logos or recognizable branding appears in your video!)

The possibilities are endless! We want you to let your creativity run free.

Since we have your attention: let get into the specifics of some technical aspects of the project

Music and Audio: Do NOT include music in your submission. However, original footage audio or the addition of sound effects or voiceover is allowed.

Talent: Yourself or other people can appear in your video (including children). All appropriate releases are to be included with your entry.

Video Style: We welcome both live video, stop motions, animations, or motion graphics. Use this opportunity to explore different styles of video from documentary to vlogging to narrative storytelling!

Product: As previously mentioned, the use of the product is not required. In fact, we discourage unnecessary use of method products in your video!

The Early Deadline is just around the corner on Wednesday, May 20th at Noon PST or 3:00 EST.

We highly encourage you to submit by the early deadline for multiple chances to win prizes! We also encourage you to share your submissions with the Zooppa Staff for feedback before you officially submit your videos.

Can’t make it in time? No worries, the final deadline is on June 6th, 2020 at Noon PST or 3:00 pm EST. 

Still have questions? Need a little bit of encouragement? Don’t hesitate to write to us via the project page forum or through email, we are here to support you. 

Stay in touch and stay inspired!
Zooppa Community Team

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