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Women’s History Month Flash Project Features

Congrats to the selected artists for the Women's History Month Flash Open Project!

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Throughout history, women have been impacting and changing the world time and time again. And we want to give them the recognition they deserve! That is why in celebration of Women’s History Month in March, we ran a Flash Open Project to pay homage to all the powerful women throughout history and in our own everyday life.

We were so happy to see that people were excited to participate and happily shared their inspiring and uplifting artwork.

Thank you everyone for sharing your artwork with us! It was hard to select just three of our favorites so we decided to also create a shortlist of artists and their works that we wanted to highlight as well…  Can you blame us?

Congratulations to our top three artists and our six shortlisted artists. We’re happy to see everyone being creative!

Women’s History Month Flash Open Brief Shortlist:

“Wisława Szymborska” by Sara Giovannoni

The artwork is a portrait of Wisława Szymborska, Polish poet and writer. With her pure but strong point of view she is an example of a critical thinking woman.

“Celebrando la diversità” by Valeria Piccioni

We are all different, with our faults, with our strength. With this illustration, I want to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of women who fight for their identity and sexual freedom every day.

“Happiness Hit Her” by Maria Boragno

It’s a tribute to Nina Simone. To her charismatic and inspiring figure. I wanted to picture her freedom in sensuality, self expression and contagious happy vibes. She has been a genius and still is an icon for all women, showing that talent and beauty have no race, age, shape, rules, or limit.

“NO CELEBRATE” by Pellegrini Tipografia

Over the centuries, the woman and the female gender have always been placed below man over the centuries. In today’s cosmopolitan and post-modern world, efforts are being made to achieve gender equality, celebrations of women, and more. General improvement for women’s equality and gender diversity are still being shouted for. But how do we become champions of equality by celebrating diversity? Perhaps this is precisely the central joint. Hence my “manifesto” where you scream not to celebrate until there is equality.

“Sorridi Donna” by Valentina Carlone

Tribute to a great Italian poet Alda Merini. A woman who lived her life fully despite the many sufferings she endured, one of many the being nightmare of the asylum. She taught us respect for ourselves and not to be afraid of who we are.

“Proud to be a Woman” By Alessia Longoni

I chose a strong yellow background on which stands out two distinctive elements of a woman: lips and the eyes. They are beautiful curves and a canvas to paint with make up that reflects the woman herself. The quote is by a beautiful and famous Canadian poet, Rupi Kaur, that through little poems expresses herself and her world.

Top Three Submissions

“We Are Women” by Linda Rondini

Linda Rondini progetto donne

One illustrated pattern to support women empowerment in 2 colors as strong as the message of this artwork. Eight sentences, to remind all women to be proud of themselves. Millions of simple shapes, to create an imaginary world in which every woman finds herself, follows her passion, and is not afraid to live as she is.

You can find the complete project here!

“Whole” by Laura Bernardi

Laura Bernardi progetto donne

The union is our strength and every human being who finds inside themself the feminine energy and who is not afraid to empower this part, deserves to be supported and loved.

“Siamo tutte le donne del mondo” By Jacopo Oliveri

Jacopo Oliveri progetto donne

Today I would like to dwell on the importance of human rights and of women in general. Although a particular story was suggested, I preferred to make this artwork inspired by all the women in the world who are important as human beings. Today, still too often, horrible stories are heard and disastrous numbers are read about acts of violence against them. I hope for a better world, where no one is left in the hands of violent and exploitative people anymore. I hope that sooner than later there will be stronger international laws on the protection of women.

We want to thank our participants for joining us in celebrating Women’s History Month, and the great women in our lives and through history. These days, we need to show our support for each other and connect with one another creatively. 

We loved seeing all the different ways our artists interpreted our brief and the message of female empowerment and celebration. We’re so glad to have done this project and look forward to creating together again in the future!

Until next time,
Zooppa Community Team

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