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#StopGlobalWarming: Flash Open Call

Un invito a prendere parte alla lotta contro il riscaldamento globale attraverso l'arma della creatività.

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#StopGlobalWarming is a European initiative that has evolved into a creative invite to spread awareness of a proposal to fight climate change issues. 

Zooppa has always moved in the direction of sustainability to make the world a better place through creativity. If you are someone who believes that we are experiencing a real climate change emergency and that we have a duty to try to change things; if you believe that the planet we live on should be protected because we don’t get a second chance; read on to find out what you can actually do.

Man is said to learn from his mistakes and now is the time to prove it. We know that we are all in a difficult moment right now. But in this period, we have realized the safety and health of all people and the health of our planet is something to fight for.

For this reason, we opened this call to collect graphic projects, illustrations, and photographs to promote the signing of this initiative—which is much more than just a petition—it is to #stopglobalwarming.

This is an invitation for collective creative action; to be able to do something concrete in the fight to reverse climate change.

To reach our goal, we need your signature at

Let’s start from the beginning. What have we created this project for and what are we invited to sign?

Collecting Signatures

This is not the classic petition—the discussion is around an official initiative, called ECI or the European’s Citizen Initiative. 

It is the participatory democratic tool that allows citizens to define the ‘Europe’ that they want through proposing concrete legislative changes. It is much more than a petition.

Supported by 27 Nobel laureates, 5,000 economists and 11,000 scientists, who all agree: CO2 emissions must be taxed and Europe must do something concrete in this regard.

Actions you can take to actively contribute:

  • Sign the Petition: If you are a European citizen with the right to vote, go to, fill out the fields provided, and hit  “Send”. It only takes a few minutes! 
  • Participate in the Open Call: Upload your own graphic, photographic, or illustrated projects to Zooppa. We accept both published and unpublished and existing or newly created work, as long as you hold the rights.

The aim of the project is to involve artists from all over the world who care about the issue of global warming to take action and contribute with their art to the initiative. Zooppa is committed to this non-commercial and non-profit project, in line with its mission of creating space for creativity for important projects that bring positive change in and outside our community.

If you want to learn more about this initiative, please visit the website.

An exceptional jury will review your projects!

In an attempt to contribute to the growth of our community and providing new opportunities to creatives, we’ve assembled a prestigious jury that can view all the submissions received and give feedback to the best submissions. 

The Jury

Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani is a photographer best-known worldwide for designing controversial advertising campaigns for Italian brand Benetton, from 1982 to 2000. He collaborated as fashion photographer for international magazines like Elle, Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Stern, Liberation and many more. In the early 1990s he co-founded the awarded magazine Colors.

#StopGlobalWarming Oliviero Toscani

Emiliano Ponzi 

Emiliano Ponzi is an illustrator and author based in Milan, Italy. His clients include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, Louis Vuitton, Moma NY, Cartier, Der Spiegel, Penguin Books, Hyundai, Esquire, Armani, Bulgari, Gucci, Martini, La Repubblica, Feltrinelli, Lavazza, TIM, Pirelli, Ferrari and the Triennale Design Museum. Honors include multiple medals of honor from the Society of Illustrators and with the Gold Cube by ADC New York.

#StopGlobalWarming Emiliano Ponzi

Avy Candeli

Avy Candeli is a copywriter and creative director with experience in some of the most important advertising, pr and digital media companies in Italy.  He signed the awards winning campaign “to be free until the end” that contributed to a law on living wills in his country.

#StopGlobalWamrinf Avy Candeli

At the close of the project, 3 submissions will be selected from the best photographs and 3 submissions from the best graphics/illustration, which will get the chance to receive direct feedback from the judges and further opportunities with Zooppa.

Who Has Already Joined the Initiative?

Some European artists have already joined the initiative and shared their art to support this mission. Alessandro Grassani  has shared his photographs, Caterina Cataldi has shared graphic artwork, among others such as Cristina Spano, Genie Espinosa, Susie Hammer, Javir Royo.

In addition, some prominent personalities such as Fedez, Nina Zilli, Giulia Innocenzi, Giobbe Covatta, Gabriele Muccino and many others endorsed this initiative and continue to actively promote the #stopglobalwarming initiative.

We are donating our time and asking for your creativity and participation in this project. Although it may not have an economic impact, it will certainly have a positive impact on society. It will pave the way for more progress on other issues related to sustainability and social impact.

You have until June 24 to upload your project. Let’s #StopGlobalWarming together!

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