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#StopGlobalWarming – Final Selected Creators

Thank you all for supporting this important initiative! ❤️

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We have finally come to the end of this important creative call!

We collaborated with to ask our community to contribute graphics, photographs, and illustrations that addressed the issue of climate change and global warming.

The community responded in a truly positive way; with originality and, above all, understanding of how important this topic is.

First of all, we want to thank the excellent jury—Oliviero Toscani, Emiliano Ponzi, and Avy Candeli—for dedicating their time to reviewing all the proposals and supporting this creative call.

Thanks also to Marco Cappato, promoter and creator of, for participating in the live shows and for supporting the promotion of the project.

We also want to congratulate our community, who has never disappointed us. We received more than 150 creative projects from 12 different countries. That’s an extraordinary result for a non-profit, pro-bono project!

Zooppa will continue to work to carry out initiatives that move in the direction of sustainability. Knowing that this value is shared by those who follow us gives us even more confidence in trying to do our part to impact positive change. Thank you!

The Selection

We worked side-by-side with the judges to review all the work we received. Through our reviewing process, we examined outstanding creativity to better understand the strengths and areas of improvement for all the shortlisted projects.

The result of this analysis made a really useful and interesting Facebook livestream (in Italian!) which you can see on Zooppa’s Facebook page!

Following the livestream, each judge chose 2 of the 6 artworks they selected and gave feedback to the creative on their work.

The work was judge on the following criteria: relevance to the request for the brief, the technical quality of the project and, above all, the ability to impact and “elicit a reaction” from the viewer to reflect on the topic at hand.

Now, we’d like to show you the 6 selected projects and the related feedback!:

  • “It’s melting” by nataliag chosen by Oliviero Toscani
#StopGlobalWarming - selezione

“For me this was the best proposal. The theme has solved simplicity, cleanliness, and clarity. It would have been even better if the logo had been loosened.”

  • “Nothing can come from a hard boiled egg” by milva812 chosen by Oliviero Toscani
#StopGlobalWarming - selezione

“In its absurdity, it is extraordinarily effective. Resorting to the image of the egg as the origin of life is extremely interesting. “

  • “What remains” of nicolanoizplant chosen by Emiliano Ponzi
#StopGlobalWarming - selezione

“An effective conceptual twist that represents the absence with the presence of surrogates: cardboard animals that replace those now extinct due to global warming.”

  • “Effect on the environment and on my eyes” by danielefranchi chosen by Emiliano Ponzi
#StopGlobalWarming - selezione

“Powerful storytelling that ties the environmental problem with the parent-child relationship. For the earth yesterday was better than today, just as for parents the time of memory is better than the present. An effective piece of work that adds a data visualization element to photography to complete the picture.”

  • “Siamo Fritti” by Fradit chosen by Avy Candeli

“A proposal with a strong impact that communicates in a hyperbolic and amusing way, the problem that the campaign wants to face; the warming of the globe. Nice idea, nice realization, nice layout. Thank you!”

  • “Save me now” by Martina Falanca Chosen by Avy Candeli

“Nature” also asks us: a proposal that introduces the call to act to save the environment very well, with a signature in support of the initiative. It was not easy to communicate the means to reach the end. Thank you!”

Zooppa Mentions

In addition to these 6 projects, we have compiled a shortlist created by Zooppa and compiled them into a video inviting Europe to sign the initiative! We would like to thank, in particular, all the creatives who made it possible to create this content.

Video Credits:
@danieltrudu, Cristina Giaroli, @melwood_studios@noiz.plant@nicocuelho@blejzca
@justinteodoro, Lorenzo Ceva, @meriodoc@artbylextor@martinafalanca@chdanimation, Silvia Scaglioni, @mystyledesign@florangelania@ekaterhino@nicholasasmitaa

Finally, we would like to share 3 projects that the Zooppa staff  loved and that we believe deserve a little attention!

Thanks again all those who have dedicated their time to participate in this call. We want to state that all the content is highly appreciated. In support of the initiative, we will continue to promote by featuring the artworks of our Creatives on StopGlobalWarming channels!

Want to learn more about the initiative? Visit and sign the petition to stop climate change!

To the next creative challenges—check out our live Open Projects here!

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