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“there’s good inside” method Open Project Winners

Give a round of applause to the winners of the method "there's good inside" Open Project!

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The creativity and excitement of the Zooppa community keeps blowing us away. The method “there’s good inside” Open Video Project was a huge success to say the least. We loved hearing about how you are staying creative and we loved sharing our own ideas for stirring creativity with you.

We saw over 150 new and familiar Zooppers submit over 320 inspirational, humorous, moving, and heartwarming videos to the method team. There were SO many strong submissions and Zooppa favorites that were sadly not selected. Everytime we run a Zooppa Project we truly wish we could give out MORE prizes to deserving submissions.

Nonetheless, we are so grateful for your participation and truly impressed by the dedication and creativity you put into your submission. Now without further ado, let’s give a round of applause to our winning Creatives!

method Open Project Early Entry Awards

Alexandr Bakanov

Jovial illustrator and director of animation. Lives and works in Moscow, Almaty. Alexandr grew up in Russia and Kazakhstan. Outstanding graduate of an art school traded without a doubt the serenity of a studio for endless traveling with a camera. He is a director of animation and a modern artist. Recently, he has been creating scenery for a modern theater.

“When you are happy inside, then everything works out. Be happy!”

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Behance / Facebook / Instagram

Babatunde Ogundiyun

Babatunde Ogundiyun (Tunde) is an accomplished multimedia artist and creative director based in Virginia. He manages Creative Ruckus, a media company that helps individuals and companies translate ideas into compelling narratives using photography, videography and animation.

Tunde loves to share his knowledge and expertise at meetups, and gives his time and skills to local nonprofits.

Tunde enjoys playing tennis, running uphill and entertaining his family. 

“The method open project was a great way to stay motivated and productive during quarantine, and all the ensuing chaos.”

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Creative Ruckus / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook 

Gianluca Gerardi

Hello, my name is Gianluca. I’m an Italian dreamer born in Cassino in February 1996. In general, I love to create things. After high school, I decided to study photography and I have found love in still-life and food and beverage photography. I try to put my best ideas into every creation and to make things from a different perspective.

“After a quick brainstorming session where I was thinking about everything linked to “how to build an idea”. I found a creative solution using stop motion. It was really fun for me to talk about myself and share my point of view. Thanks, method and Zooppa for this opportunity.”

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Gianluca Gerardi / Instagram / Facebook

method Open Project Regular Entry Awards

Josh Allred

I grew up in San Diego California, now living in the PNW. I always saw the arts as a way to communicate a story, it seemed to me that visual art would leave the biggest impact with people. In high school I found a camera, and photography led into the world of film. I’ve been working in the commercial industry as a director/dp for the past few years. My hope is to eventually follow my path into narrative cinema.

“My wife is expecting, and I’m about to become a father for the first time. It was an organic experience being able to capture growth in its natural state; in more ways than one. Wherever you are in life you can find inspiration and that’s special.”

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Josh Allred DP / Josh’s Instagram / Cari’s Instagram

Landon Donoho

Hello! My name’s Landon. I’m a freelance filmmaker that has been lucky enough to direct everything from documentaries and music video to national ads and narratives. Lots of my work involves traveling to interesting places or building sets, but some of my favorite pieces come from much closer. I live in Los Angeles and count myself lucky to be surrounded by (and work with) some of the most interesting, creative, artist people I’ve ever gotten to meet.  

“There are few things more wonderful than shooting a close friend making delicious pizzas while telling his story.  One of those things is eating those pizzas. I definitely ate the pizzas (and they tasted just as good they looked!) Jordan is an artist as well as just a wonderful human being and I’m glad we got to share some of his art!”

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Landon Donoho

Vesio Productions

Vesio is the next generation of video production. We are a small, incredibly passionate team that’s dedicated to crafting highly creative, bespoke advertising for our clients. We’ve spent years honing our craft; our relentless drive for pushing creative boundaries through innovative storytelling and technical experimentation defines us.  

“With everybody, including ourselves, being stuck inside, we felt that people were lacking moments of spontaneity. So we adopted the “show, don’t tell” shooting philosophy and took a bit of a wildcard approach to the brief, all with the goal of showing someone creating a moment of pure joy.”

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Vesio / Instagram

Cathy Bui

Aside from Cathy’s love of oldie sitcoms and powerful 80’s ballads, she loves ads and short-form stories. Her storytelling is an exploration of vibrance, curiosity, difference, & heart. As an aspiring short-form director, she is excited to create stuff—branded content, adverts, music videos, and narrative stories. Stories make people feel appreciated & seen. She strives to do that with everything she makes.

“The method – there’s good inside video was such a sparking inspiration to join the people who have been in life and showcase the good inside this place we call home. Especially staying at home, it was like a family activity to simply capture the special passions and talents that take place every day with my sister, Grandpa, and parents.”

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Cathy Bui / Instagram

Oliviero Spinelli

My name is Olly, I’m a digital illustrator and motion designer from Milan, Italy. I graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano and then studied animation and digital painting at Gnomon School for VFX in Los Angeles. I’ve worked at Cromazoo creative studio in Milan where I learned a lot about motion graphics and creative workflow.  Now I’m a freelancer working on a variety of subjects and techniques for different clients.

“First of all, it is a theme I’m very fond of as it’s about staying creative and finding inspiration in small things. Secondly, the brief gave complete freedom, every artist’s dream. So I was able to choose the subjects, the style and the animation techniques that most intrigued me and with which I wanted to experiment.”

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Sean Highley

I have been working in film since 2013, directing music videos, and eventually moving into commercial spots. I have been involved in virtually every aspect of production, and love being able to contribute to all of the departments. Being able to tell the stories of others in a way that highlights the best of them is something that’s very important to me.

“It was a blast to create this spot for Nick, and get to see into his creative process. It is super inspiring to hear what drives other creatives.”

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Sean Highley / Valley Film Co

Adam Rosenberg

Adam Rosenberg is a Longmont, Colorado based filmmaker, animator, and artist. His work has been described as absurd, silly, creepy, and weird – a nightmare under sunny skies. His specialties include creative concepting, directing, production design, prop making, editing, motion graphics, and stop motion animation. He enjoys backflips, general tsao’s chicken, and potty humor.

“Man this was a fun project! Can’t wait for my hair to grow back though.”

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Adam Rosenberg / Facebook / Instagram

Leonardo Bautista

I am an artist who performs in two different worlds. From very early on, I studied everything related to traditional plastic arts, painting, sculpture and engraving. As I got older, I integrated the digital part into my life by studying cinema and animation. I did my great learning by working through experience. Today, I seek to live integrating these two worlds—so similar and different at the same time.

“During these chaotic days when the world invites us to pause, doing the things we always wanted to but didn’t have time for, was a good option. It was then, that I saw the opportunity to tell two things that have helped me a lot these days to spend time; sculpting and doing yoga. The method Open Project gave me the opportunity to visualize something great that I was doing for myself. I was be able to share my experience from the most sincere place.”

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Instagram / Leonardo Bautista / Behance

Matteo Viti

My name is Matteo and I’m seventeen years old. I started working in a photographic studio two years ago and since then I started working on my own as a photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer. In the last few years I shot ads for small businesses, shot music videos for emerging talents, worked with art galleries and shot a few short films. Creating and utilizing all kinds of art forms to express myself is what I love doing and what I strive for. 

“Working on this project with the Zooppa team was a lot of fun, especially since the request from method gave so much creative freedom. The 00:12 seconds video length required was also a very fun challenge to undertake: telling a story in such a short amount of time. “

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Bruno Sena

Hello, my name is Bruno Sena. I’m a Brazilian filmmaker and a special effects artist-wannabe! I fell in love with this universe at the age of 12. I started editing videos and never stopped ever since. Currently, I study VFX in college and I’m trying to become kinda a physical simulations expert. Yep, I love smashing buildings, breaking stuff and setting things on fire! It’s very fun to do these things digitally, but I’m a real world lover, thus my real passion is creative practical effects!  

“As a creative artist, I had been wondering what I could do to keep myself optimistic. I had that trampoline laying around and my sister’s birthday was coming… So method’s project was not only appropriate, it was completely inspirational!”

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Instagram / Youtube

Jon “Ion” Turcan

My name is Jon and I’m a freelance designer and illustrator from Romania. Ever since I can remember I had a love for arts and an insatiable curiosity about all things around me. I have a Bachelor in Architecture but made the decision to pursue a different creative field, so I become a digital nomad focused on Product Design and Illustration. I chose the nomad lifestyle because it allowed me to fulfill my craving for discovery and exploration of our beautiful world, while also allowing me to do what I love – designing and being creative.

“I’ve known about Zooppa platform for years and I checked the competitions occasionally, but never really found the courage to participate. When I first saw the method contest, I showed it to my girlfriend and we both knew we had to do something together. We have an amazing relationship and we both like to do cute little things for each other that show our love and affection daily. One of those things is breakfast in bed and coffee is particularly important since she’s a big fan. 

Over the years, I started experimenting with the coffee and tried to make it as interesting and surprising as I could: I would sometimes use cut-outs to sprinkle cocoa and draw different shapes on the coffee foam, or I’d prepare a refreshing Dolgana Iced Coffee for hotter days, and slowly I’d take it to the next level with a 3D touch to it. We really enjoyed crafting our submission video and had so much fun with it. We’re definitely waiting for new challenges on Zooppa and hopefully be inspired to participate again.

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Instagram / Behance

Enrique Blein

Enrique Blein Gerstl started in the business through editing, and has done so till this day. This has given him an approach to capturing images thinking in the post-production process needed. 

Enrique Blein is an “owner/operator” based in Miami. He can handle small productions like commercials, corporate, documentaries and video clips from A to Z, since he owns all the necessary  professional equipment in the production chain.


As I have discovered many times in the past, spontaneity brings forward the truth. Probably that is the success behind the social media craze in the last decade. Classical cinematography sometimes is not the key behind engaging an audience and sometimes just grabbing a phone and recording life is all it takes. And of course a subject matter you really care about. Who better than your own 11 year old daughter who can teach you a thing or two about spontaneity?

Find Enrique on

Enrique Blein / Instagram / Instagram

Thank you for participating in the method Open Project!

We’ve got so much more in store for all of our Zooppers this year! Stay in touch by subscribing to our newsletter (if you aren’t already) for more Open Projects that we’re really excited to launch. And of course, thank you again for contributing to this wonderful project.

We’re super proud of you and can’t wait to make more awesome content with you in the near future.

Until Next Time,
Zooppa Community Team

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