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New Open Photography Project for M:ID!

A New Open Project for M:ID, a new hair care brand that aims to introduce a new paradigm for male beauty care!

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M: ID understands the diversity of men and values their individuality.

M:ID is a newly launched hair & scalp care brand which aims to introduce a new paradigm for male beauty-care in Germany. M:ID products are personalized to men’s unique hair & scalp needs. Their focus is on providing superior performing products that take care of specific needs such as hair-loss, dandruff, and intensive hair repair through their expertise and knowledge. 

M:ID also aims to create a space where men feel comfortable to discuss their needs and issues, and where no topic is taboo; where men are liberated to be themselves.

We want you to showcase real, ordinary men (good looking, but not perfect models) with a grooming regimen in everyday, candid situations through a photoset of 4 lifestyle images.

The photos can take place in a curated bathroom, bedroom, or wherever they normally get ready for the day. We also want to showcase guys enjoying themselves in their daily lives—whether in nature, cooking a meal, or simply having fun with their friends or family. 

We don’t want to see the perfect models you normally see on the usual advertising campaigns, but real guys that feel comfortable in their skin and hair.

Your mission is to create a set of at least 4 lifestyle photographs of real, ordinary guys who are good-looking but not models or perfect. The subject should appear to be around 30 to 40 years old.  The four photographs should depict two types of situations:

  • In their bathrooms or bedroom (2 photos): grooming, taking care of themselves or getting ready for the day while portraying confidence and comfortability. 
  • In lifestyle situations (2 photos): these could take place in nature, in the kitchen while cooking, having fun with friends, participating in athletic activities, etc.

Below are some of the most important points to keep in mind when creating your submission:

  • They should look like they are relaxed, not taking themselves too seriously, enjoying the moment and having ‘fun’ with a laid-back demeanor.
  • These lifestyle-type photos should be unbranded and will not include any M:ID Products.
  • The men portrayed must look  between 30 and 40 years old. We are looking for diverse, multi-racial representation.
  • Extra Credit:  Create GIFs from the shoot, showing men grooming/getting ready for the day and their haircare routine. This is optional but encouraged.

Check out the mood board provided, the M:ID website and M:ID’s IG page for color palettes, style and location examples, and general inspiration!

More information on technical specifications, stylistic references, and much more is available on the Open Project Page on the Zooppa platform!

Show what it means to be a man today, through a candid look into masculinity and how it is evolving!

Prizes total up to €16,000 and the deadline is February 10th, 2021!

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