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Introducing: Untitled—a new platform for the next generation of creative talent

Untitled is a new platform for the next generation of creative talent! Learn more about it on the Zooppa blog.

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We’re so thrilled to introduce you to a brand new platform dedicated to nurturing young creators aged between 11-18.

Untitled is a new digital collaboration platform created with the ultimate dream of democratizing the creative industry by giving all young people, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, location or socio-economic background an equal opportunity to realize their creative potential. 

The platform will focus on inspiring, nurturing and supporting young creators with the tools, learning and creative inspiration to practice their skills. They will be able to gain confidence and experience by responding to creative briefs from brands and icons from the worlds of music, film, fashion, design, sports and much more.

Your support is important. What can you do? 

If you’re reading this, we know you’re already invested in the creative world and want to ask if you’ll join us on our mission to keep it alive and kicking well into the future. 

Know a young person who would have some great ideas for the next collectable toy range? Or would love to design some artwork for a best-selling music artist on behalf of Universal Music Group? Get them signed up to Untitled today.

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