3 things to do with crappy gifts…

"It's a very, very bad gift. Merry Christmas!"


Never look a gift horse in the mouth… is what my mother always told me. But what if the gift horse’s breath smells really, really bad? Might want to check for gingivitis.

First thing I do when given a gift I know is useless is give the ol’ S.E.G. (Shishkabob Eating Grin), nod politely and pronounce loudly to the room, “Heyyyy…. a thingamajig… this will go lovely with my whatchamacall-it.” But whatever you do, don’t let them know you hate it!

Seriously though, it’s not about the quality of the gift, it is about whether the person giving it actually wanted to make you happy by giving it. If their heart is truly in the right place, please don’t ruin their Christmas by letting them know you think they are an idiot. That’s just bad karma.

I did not receive any truly useless gifts this Christmas, but if I did one of the following actions would likely have been taken:

I would have either:

  • Given it to someone who might need or want it
  • Returned it for something I actually wanted
  • Or last but not least tucked it away somewhere at home where nobody would ever in my lifetime see it again (so as to not crush the good intentions of a caring human being)

Just sayin…

Think twice before rebuffing someone for a bad gift… their heart may have been in the right place. Be nice, pretend you like it and proceed with one of the above suggestions to create positive karma and keep the cycle of giving going instead of derailing someone’s sweet, pure, innocent train of giving (that just happens to have pulled into the wrong station).


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  1. I usually give the items I don’t want to someone who needs them. I think this is the best option.

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