3,2,1, ready, steady…go!

All Zooppers, a little bit of your attention, please!
Today a new contest is going to start: Lastminute.com, the european on-line tourism leader.
We are going to launch the new voting system, based on the seniority level, as from this contest. Therefore some Zooppers will have 5 stars to rate every work, other ones will have 10 or 15, untill a maximum of 20 stars.More participation = more stars at your disposal. You have to follow simply the standards suggested on a previous post, that is the number of videos, print ads, radio ads, concepts, votes assigned and comments for each Zoopper, in addition to the registration date.

Let’s toast to celebrate the new voting system,
and good luck for this new contest!

Zooppa Staff

Meme E

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  1. After looking at the rankings of the latest contests, which started after the introduction of the new voting system I’d like to suggest to lower the newbies’ voting power to a single star.
    I think that would help countervailing the multi-account issue.

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