360° Live Streaming Launches on Periscope and Facebook

Global users will have the ability to live stream or upload their 360° experiences across various platforms. 

Periscope just recently announced that all users will have the ability to broadcast 360° videos through iOS.

All iOS users are able to use this new feature, something that Periscope began testing out with select users in December 2016. Videos will be marked with a special “Live 360” badge.

Facebook announced on Wednesday, March 29th that it’s rolling out the ability for all users to live stream in 360°. Previously, this option was only available to select pages on Facebook. Now anyone could pick up their mobile device and swivel around to view videos from any angle. In addition, users will be able to see reactions and comment directly on the live stream they are viewing within the interface.

The company stated that anyone with compatible 360° cameras can go live on Facebook. Both consumer and professional cameras work—think Samsung Gear 360, Insta360, and Nokia Ozo. Facebook plans on working closely with manufacturers to include more capable cameras in the near future.

The move comes as no surprise as the Facebook platform has emphasized their live video feature and especially since acquiring Oculus VR. This is only the start of integrating VR into Facebook’s everyday experience.

In other news, Vimeo has recently announced Vimeo360—the ability to upload high-quality 360° videos to their platform. Members will be able to upload 360° videos up to a whopping 8K and their video player will view in 4K Ultra HD. In addition, they have mentioned that members will have access to 360 Video School lessons where they can get tips from other filmmakers.

Stay tuned for more updates on VR/360° industry news as it seems there are new announcements every day as platforms, software, and hardware advance at a rapid-fire pace.

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Chantal Wong

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