#4 Inspiration for Siemens: Urban Ideas

So we’ve already introduced you to community gardens, virtual supermarkets, and sky bridges – three of the coolest urban innovations from around the world. Today’s featured innovation is environmentally friendly, useful and convenient, and can help save you from a whole lot of unnecessary drama. And while it’s doesn’t particularly apply to our rainy Seattle city, it is definitely worth sharing: the Solar Phone Charger from XD Design is an energy-efficient charger that is powered by sunlight. Just stick it to the inside of your window and let it soak up the sun. No more fighting over the power plugs, hooray! And if your phone dies as you are driving down a country road in the middle of nowhere, have no fear – Ray is here! These two small devices can make a big difference in somebody’s day while easily and efficiently solving a challenge most of us face on a daily basis.


In other news, this time to inspire your submissions to the VO5 contest, we’d like to share some hairy statistics! In a nationwide poll conducted in July, 87% of women surveyed said they deal with the problem of frizzy hair. Nearly 75% of women polled said they scrutinize weather forecasts to plan their daily frizz-fighting routines. Almost 60% said frizz is their No. 1 dreaded hair malfunction. Among the other frizzy findings:

  • 51% of respondents report experiencing frizzy hair more than four times per week
  • 92% of women use products to manage their frizz, most often with shampoo/conditioner and/or an anti-frizz cream
  • 25% of women have stayed at home due to a bad hair day
  • 27% of women struggle with frizzy hair more when their hair is long rather than short


Thanks for all of your hard work so far, and we look forward to your incredible videos!!!

Meme E

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