4 Quick Tips for Video

"Revere Reflex Power Zoom 8mm Movie Camera 1962". Image by flickr user Nesster, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 license

Today, we’ve searched the Internet for opinions and added a few of our own to come up with a quick list of “4 Do’s” for making great video content.

1). Get to the point. Honestly, no one wants to sit through a ten minute video you made with your mobile phone.  One minute though?  Go! At Zooppa, our contests are almost always capped at 60 seconds and we think that’s plenty of time to show everyone what you’ve got.  No yawning, just grinning… all the way through.  Hopefully.

2). Make your title irresistible. Clients are looking for remarkable content.  If it’s not catchy, viewers might not even bother clicking through to watch what might be the best video they’ll ever see.  Right?  Your title should grab viewers and reel them in.  It should be so catchy, they simply can’t pass by until they know what the heck it is you’re selling.

3). Show me. Use the description box to, yes, describe your video.  No, really.  You should tell everyone what’s in it, so that – in the off chance they’re looking for one key word, idea or theme – they’re going to know if you’ve got it or you don’t.  Don’t worry about giving it all away.  Anyone that takes the time to read the description probably needs some convincing to click through anyways.  Lay it all out there, baby.

4). Fit the video to the camera. Obviously, you aren’t going to shoot a Mad Men scene with your mobile phone.  But viewers may watch your dark, grainy, somewhat-shaky video if it fits your story’s theme.  A lot of folks will have great appreciation for those of you that can tell a story with a sharpie, your neighbor’s cat and a skateboard.  Indeed, those elements may even make you the next Tarantino.  Or Allen, or Hitchcock, or Redford.  Okay, maybe not Redford.  But, you get the drift.

Go forth and get creative!

Meme E

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