Ways to Make Your Pre-Roll Ads More Memorable

Nobody likes the pre-roll ads that appear before a video or website that they actually want to go to.

In a study from eConsultancy, over 94% of pre-roll ads are skipped. According to Tom Alexander, CEO of PK4 Media, these are the 4 ways to make consumers hate your pre-roll ad a little less.

1. Own the elephant in the room
Advertisers who have owned the fact that consumers hate pre-roll ads have had the most success. Geico had an unbeatable campaign in 2016 titled “Unskippable” which directly addressed the fact that viewers wanted to skip ads.

2. If you can’t beat them, join them
Many brands have begun to try to use interactive “Skip This Ad” campaigns. Honda had an interactive campaign with users by telling them “To Skip Ad: Help the Holiday Pooch to the Honda!” With just one click, users were able to drag a dog to the Honda in order to skip the ad, and engagement was up nearly 20%.

3. Stop showing the same video
Put a frequency cap on 3–4 views for your pre-roll ads. Once consumers have reached that cap, show them something new. If a consumer keeps seeing the same video over and over again and doesn’t take the intended action, they are most likely never going to respond.

4. Take targeting and retargeting to the next level
It’s critical to master retargeting. Once a customer shows “intent”, like adding a pair of jeans to a cart but not checking out, advertisements of those jeans can be targeted to that user. Ad platforms can also determine the temperature in a city and either advertise hot or iced coffee.

Jasmine Moore

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