5 Reasons Why 5 Second Films Are Awesome

5 Second Films are bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Hi there! Today we’re going to list 5 reasons why 5 Second Films are awesome.

1: They’re only five seconds. If it sucks, it’s over really fast.  If it’s great, it doesn’t take long to watch it again.

2: You can watch 12 films in a minute, or 720 in an hour, which makes it seem like you’re really productive!

3: Fast paced dialogue.

4: They’re a second longer than a four second film.  Take that, four second films!

5: Anybody can make one.  But not the good ones.  Only some people can make the good ones.

Check out some 5 Second Films here.

Jasmine Moore

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