#6 Inspiration for Siemens: Urban Ideas

There are many ideas out there we could choose for these updates, some are big others are fairly simple. We have a simple one for you today that anyone can use. If you haven’t heard of the Outlet Regulator you probably should do a little research. It may not save you pockets full cash every month but the money it could save will add up over time.

The idea was thought up by Conor Klein, a designer and maker in New York City. You plug the regulator into a power outlet. From the bottom of the regulator you attach a cord which looks almost like a single extension cord. You plug your device into the end of the cord.

The regulator is modeled after a leech, that’s right a leech. Just like a leech when the regulator realizes the device it is charging no longer needs power, it disconnects the cord. All you are left with is the Outlet Regulator in the outlet (which stops all electricity from going into it at this point).

This isn’t the only Outlet Regulator out there, but it is one of a kind. The ejection shows the user when their electronics are fully charged and no longer require energy. Once again this may not save you thousands, but it should pay for itself over time and make opening your power bill a bit easier.

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