6 Important Metrics for a Social Campaign


6 Important Metrics for a Social Campaign

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There’s several ways to start a social campaign, but only a few ways to succeed. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it’s important to not only have a content strategy, but also know how to evaluate its success. Below, we highlight six different metrics that go into a successful social media marketing initiative.

Link Clicks

Link Clicks are the foundational metric of your campaign. Simply put, they tell you just how much of your audience is interested in what you’re saying. While the initial link click doesn’t tell you everything about the campaign’s success, it’s a great initial measurement of on-sight interest.

Reach vs. Impressions

It’s important to know the difference between a reach and an impression. Reach is how many people see a post, while impressions are the number of times the ad was seen. Depending on your goal, you may want to only look at your reach or vice versa. For example, if your goal is to get your ad out to as many people as possible, reach would be a good metric to look at. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, impressions would be the metric to look at.

Platform Engagement

This means all the reactions to your post: the likes, shares, retweets, comments, follows, etc. By focusing on this metric, you are able to increase reach and impressions when people interact with your content. Note that platform engagement can fluctuate and isn’t the best stat for measuring interest.



This metric will provide a direct ROI for the effort in any given campaign. With Facebook campaigns, you can use pixel to track all conversions. Any paid social campaigns should be able to provide ROI in a trackable way.

Button Clicks

You can choose what type of button you want your conversions to be on your social media ad, whether that be a “Learn More” or “Contact Us” or “Buy Now” button. These buttons show direct intent of your audience, which is key in understanding conversion better, as well as your audience.

Relevance Score

Relevancy score will range from 1-10 (10 being the highest) and it’s the best way to see how your ad is performing on Facebook. It can help assist with campaign optimization as well as understanding how effective your campaign is. Take a look at the full details and behind the scenes of Facebook campaigns here. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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