#7 Inspiration for Siemens: Urban Ideas

Yesterday consisted of a post about electric cars and today doesn’t stray far from that. We are going to take a look inside of your homes and talk about LED lightbulbs. Some of you may already know a thing or two about these little revolutionaries but for those of you who don’t, let me tell you a few things about them.

First off, LED lights are more efficient than traditional lightbulbs. Next, from what I have been reading, traditional bulbs will began to be phased out of production by next year in order to make room for the all-around better LED bulbs. Maybe that hasn’t sold you yet so here is something else—if every person in the country subbed out their 60-watt bulbs for an LED we would reduce our carbon emissions by 20 million tons and save an estimated 3.9 billion a year!  The LEDs also last around 20 years. That’s a long time compared to the few months I feel like the bulb in my lamp lasts.
Here is the downside to these bulbs. They cost roughly 60 dollars a bulb… In my house it would cost me from $900 to a $1,000 to change every single lightbulb into an LED. Right off the bat that sounds like a lot, but I think about it this way— best case scenario, I would have to pay around $1,500 to replace my bulbs over the course of that 20 years.
If you still aren’t sold how about this. Some LED bulbs can be turned off and on with your smartphone…
A simple invention can help make the world a brighter and greener place. We are constantly moving in the right direction to reduce our impact on the planet. Hope you all enjoyed this and feel free to Tweet us with any other ideas you may have.

Jasmine Moore

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