#8 Inspiration for Siemens: Urban Ideas

The last few posts have been relatively small in comparison to this new one. If you live in a city, you could be seeing more of these in the future. The current urban population is 3.3 billion and that is expected to grow to 5 billion by 2025. That is only a little over 10 years away. We as humans are going to have to make some changes if we want to make this huge jump work. That is where the ides of vertical farms comes in.

The EDITT Tower (Ecological Design in the Tropics) is currently being built in Singapore. The 26 story tower will have over half its surface area covered in organic vegetation. Solar panels will provide 40% of the energy and an onsite bio gas facility will convert human waste to energy. To me this sounds like a place of the future, capable of helping reverse some of the harmful things we do to the environment. The building is also being made of recyclable materials when possible.
EDITT Tower is not the only building of its kind. You can follow the link to find out more about these futuristic buildings. Leave a comment and let us know some of your thoughts about whether this is a good idea or a bad one? Can it work?

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