Negroni, the official comments!

There’s nothing to say: you’ve been very engaged to make our life and Negroni’s difficult. Evaluating so many interesting ads and choosing the jury’s prizes have been a hard but exciting work. There are many works deserving a mention then Negroni wants to show you all its enthusiasm and thanks.

70 days of contest gave us 77 videos, 968 print ads, 3 radio ads, 79 banner ads and 177 concepts. Above all 11.250 Zoop$ were assigned, of which 11.250 Zoop$ given by the company, 3.150 Zoop$ by the Zooppa Staff and 5.100 Zoop$ through the community. These are record numbers for Negroni, the richest contest of Zooppa’s story. We think that you all of the community have recognized the high level of ideas and had fun competing for this brand too.

But this is not all. Negroni’s managing director, Lorenzo Palla, and the communication manager, Nello Simioni, want to comment their choices with some words. “Hem’s video reflects the technical preparation of its author. It remembers us that MTV style, but with a strong historical sense”. There were many print ads and so here you are an ex-equo, not so frequent in Zooppa history! “L2D’s ad has impressed us for its very good interpretation of Independent Label, simple and powerful at the same time. We also found Bizarremind’s one irreverent, funny and pesky: it’s a sharp interpretation of Old.” For the radio and banner ads, “we wanted to award the non-sense approach of the Alari’s ad, while Danielekapu’s banner reflected well the flower power, modernizing it with a beautiful style.“

We are grateful to the whole community and to the company for these words. Certainly, it’s not over here with Negroni!

P.s. To make comments about the BigZooppa Awards and to talk together about this contest, we send you back to the Forum’s awards section.

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