A $50 thank-you from Webtel.mobi: Just claim your money!

Image by terren in Virginia via Flickr

Thank you so much for your submissions to our Webtel.mobi competition. As you probably know, we received a record-breaking number of ads for this campaign.

As a special thank you for your awesome efforts, Webtel.mobi and Zooppa are awarding a $50 prize to everyone who participated but did not win a competition prize.

To qualify for the $50 prize you must meet two conditions:

1. You’ve entered a video or concept in the Webtel.mobi contest.

2. You did not win a prize in the Webtel.mobi contest.

To claim your $50 prize, go to the Winner Materials page on Zooppa.com and download our Affidavit of Eligibility.

Fill out the Affidavit and mail it to:

Webtel Prize, Zooppa
911 Western Ave, Suite 420
Seattle, WA 98104

Or scan and email it to:

jculter@zooppa.com (you can just reply to this email)

Thanks again for your awesome Webtel.mobi submissions.

So fill out that affidavit and get it back to us!

But don’t forget to check out our current contests:

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Zooppa Staff

Meme E

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