A few more days until prizes designed by the jury

Dear Zooppers,

as you have recently noticed, more and more contests have prizes designed by companies. This is an important evolution, a very longed-for moment, because it suggests the creativity that brand thinks is the most akin to its world and the fittest to its communication purposes. Luckily, companies take seriously this moment: who knows the marketing offices, knows this type of decisions takes time because they have to be official approved.

Since now, the prizes designed by the jury (included BigZooppa Award and Honorable Mentions) will be assigned after the publication of the official community ranking (the day after the end of the contest). Around from one to three days after.

This waiting is necessary because the company has to value carefully all works, also the latest posted ones, and it has to take good and weighty decisions.

As we have said, this is a good sign.

Jasmine Moore

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