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To be quite honest, up until a few days ago I’d never heard of MHL. For all I knew, it stood for Martian Hockey League (doubtful, but wouldn’t that be pretty cool nonetheless?) And since I’m in a confessing mood, I might as well admit that I also am not the wisest when it comes to the newest technology out there. I still have an archaic phone that chooses when it wants to tell me I have messages and the number 3 key doesn’t work. All that being said, I am continuously in awe of what some of the world’s brightest minds come up with, and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) technology definitely falls into that category.

MHL technology is an exciting new way to connect your cell phone or other mobile device to HDTVs, ushering in a new platform to enjoy the coolest videos out there. Society is becoming ever more independent and attached to their smartphones, Ipads, Kindles, etc. We are no longer bound to sit in our home to access the web, movies, TV; we can have all of this in the palm of our hand while we’re on the go.

And let’s face it, people are busy. Mobility and ease of use are key factors when it comes down to what new gadget will be a success. Now that it’s easier than ever for people to access this technology, the next logical step is to make it look better than ever. That’s where MHL comes in.

MHL will allow users to access HD-quality videos through their own home entertainment systems so that they can view some of the most crystal-clear and visually stunning images from either the comfort of the couch and an HDTV or right there in the palm of their hand. MHL will allow you to do this with just a single cable, and then you’re free to enjoy up 1080p HD video from either outlet.

After researching MHL, I have to say that it may be time to toss out the ‘ol flip phone and get on the smartphone train. It’s starting to feel like being the last kid picked for kickball at recess. And while part of me still feels like with all this new technology we’re about 5 steps away from a Skynet-style machine takeover, I’m comforted that Schwarzenegger will save us. Now bring on the tech.

Check out the MHL: Expand Your Mobile World video contest live on Zooppa now!

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