A River(s) of Dreams

"Hi, I'm Keith. I make a living doing what I love and you can too."


Every filmmaker dreams about making a living doing what they love.  But according to Keith Rivers, there’s nothing to it but hard work.

Since 2009, Keith has been racking up awards for his short films and cinematic ads.  His dream-like style of storytelling is captivating and difficult to forget.  His list of accomplishments include:

And on… and on.

Keith started shooting ski/snowboard videos on a VHS camera (probably like 50 years ago?) where he developed his unique style. He soon began making commercials, and credits them with honing his storytelling skills.

He says creating advertisements has helped him learn, grow and grab the attention of major companies.

“Advertising has completely changed in the last ten years, and it’s freaking ad agencies out,” says Keith. “People don’t want to be sold… they want to be told a story in 30 seconds.”

Keith seems to be happy about the direction the advertising world is heading, capitalizing on a more cinematic approach and flexing his artistic muscles while capturing the attention of major corporate players.

Hear his story and check out some of his work in this short documentary we put together:


You can find more information on Keith at KeithRivers.com

Now go out there and be somebody dammit!



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  1. this was great. very inspiring! we need more blog posts like this!

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