A Zooppa Member Wins Prestigious Award in Italy

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to point out that PIKNIK has won the award for the Unconventional Media category in the 2011 National 2011 Emanuele Pirella Awards for advertising.

He also received the Special award “Communication Grand Prix” for 2010.

You can check out the ad that got him the Unconventional Media prize here.

Here’s a note from PIKNIK himself:
So I would like to share this award with all Zooppa Staff since I’ve received it because of you.
I am sincerely grateful to you for all your support and for every opportunity you have given me over these last years through your platform.
Best regards,

Thanks PIKNIK and congrats.

This is an honor for everyone at Zooppa and should also be a source of pride for all you Zooppers.

Take it easy,

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