A Zooppa of talent

Dear Zooppers,

We have some fantastic news about some of you, especially about your work. He are happy to announce that Ads of the World, the site that gathers together all of the best ads from around the world, has posted the creative efforts of another Zoopper! After Rueeasy’s success there, it is now Bizarremind’s turn! The ad campaign that he put together for Kit Kat’s “One minute break” contest evidently intrigued, astounded, and attracted attention. It might be a result of the inspiration it finds in the work of Erwin Wurm or its use of a visual language that is closer to the realm of art than to that of advertising, but whatever the reason, Bizarremind’s work has not gone unnoticed by advertising experts, because some of them have decided to publicly acknowledge it.

Aside from Ads of the World and Bizarremind, other examples demonstrate that the creativity and professionalism of the work posted on Zooppa is continuously gaining more recognition. Mondial Assistance, in fact, is using Adimo’s video “Being sure about traveling secure” (“Sicuri di viaggiare sicuri”) as a promotional ad on the company’s official Web site. It has only been online a couple of days, and you can see it on the e-mondial.it home page. (Don’t worry if you don’t see it again after watching it for the first time—you can watch it as many times as you want on Zooppa!). Adimo is excited about this recognition of his work, so we thought we would give him a chance to introduce himself better in his own words:

Adriano Di Molfetta, alias Adimo, is thirty years old and was born in Foggia on a hot July day (July 8, 1978). Although he had always dabbled in the fields of art and communication, he has actually been working for the last six years at an ad agency in his hometown. He primarily works in graphic design for print, the Internet, and radio and TV. When his work leaves him some free time, he has fun producing ads for Zooppa, where his ideas always have free reign and his work often meets with reasonable success … particularly in the last contest for Mondial!

We are very proud of Adimo’s work, because it testifies to the fact that Zooppa has become a truly effective showcase of young talent and offers you the opportunity to make your work known and to see it used by people who really know something about advertising! Well done, Zooppers!

Jasmine Moore

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