Adios Top Ramen! Hello BookRenter!

College (Positive): A word that conjures thousands of images into your mind, evoking your dreams and fantasies.

College (Negative): A word that represents the thousands of students living off of Top Ramen and weeks old pizza.

When I reminisce on my college experience, I always remember the present that my parents left in my dorm room, 101 ways to make Top Ramen; very funny Mom and Dad! However, soon enough that book grew to be my bible.

In the four years I went to school, every semester was an internal debate about how to manage my money in order to afford the necessities; beer, food and unfortunately the ever expensive and exponentially climbing price of text books.

Not to point out the obvious, but I choose beer and textbooks over food. Probably not the wisest choice, but you only live once! In the end Top Ramen developed into my staple food, alongside one dollar bagels and triscuits. Like many college students, I could be seen scrounging up my pennies, debating with my friends on what the savviest food was to buy.

By far, my favorite Top Ramen recipes always include some cheap vegetables and some sort of meat. Now the trick with Top Ramen is the amount of water used and the type of broth. My two favorites are complete opposites, which adds a nice variety in the mix.

1) Use Chicken Top Ramen and add full amount of water. Add vegetables and canned chicken! Ta-da!

2) Use Beef Top Roman and add very minuscule water. Add vegetables, focus on the cheap frozen pack of peas and water chestnuts available at all grocery stores. Basically an Asian dish for 4 dollars! Yum!

Looking back, I realize I spent more than 7,000 dollars on textbooks. That could have been my plane ticket to Paris or my savings for a nice apartment upon graduation. Or  the very least a nice, well balanced meal alongside a semi cheap (8 dollar) bottle of wine realistically! Carpe Diem!

That is why BookRenter is such an amazing website! Helping students across the United States save for their dreams, even if that dream is to have steak for dinner. Go to the Book Renter video contest homepage at Zooppa to check out what others have dreamed about with the money they could have saved from BookRenter or it’s not too late to even submit your own dream!

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