What isn’t an Ad anymore?

Ads Evolved Into new Forms as Media Landscape Shifts

Senior vice president for media strategies at the CW television network, Caty Burgess, said: “Is the question, ‘What is an ad?’ or ‘What isn’t an ad?’”

A traditional advertisement back in the day was a golden standard 30 second television commercial, but this was when TV was the main platform for advertising. Although people are still watching television shows and live sports, consumers are shifting to different online platforms like Hulu, YouTube, or Netflix.

Ads are becoming more and more sophisticated, and this year, Digital Media is expected to surpass TV as the biggest advertising category in the US this year with sales of $68 billion in ads compared to the $66 billion for TV.

So what does this mean for advertisers?

The word “advertisement” has a negative connotation ever since advertisers decided to put ads on full blast everywhere and interrupt all platforms. Today, advertisers are doing everything they can to make ads less like an ad as they fight for our attention.

Branded content is something that a lot of publishers are working towards, as well as many other advertising techniques. Publishers want be able to speak to their customers in the same way, so advertisers are approaching advertising in a very different way. For example, how Buzzfeed promotes its very own Tasty channel by working with brands like Oster, or how Mindy in The Mindy Project falls in love with a Microsoft Surface Book and drives around the city in a Lexus RX. Ads are becoming more creative and unique, captivating audiences without them even realizing it. So what isn’t an ad anymore?

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Digital Media filming_1 by Southern Arkansas University is under CC by 2.0

Jasmine Moore

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