Akaash sez: “Peace out Zooppers!”

Tha’ts me, Akaash, on the left.

That’s right, yesterday was my last day at the Zooppa office. I’ve enjoyed my time moderating videos, writing blogs, and marketing contests! Zooppa is wonderful company with wonderful employees, and I’ve learned quite a bit from them. So let’s list what I’ve learned at Zooppa.

1) Survivor is still a decent show.

2) The intern is always the punching bag…but is still loved.

3) Hiphop music is not allowed to be played out loud…unless it’s Riff Raff.

Okay, okay, those were all jokes. To be honest, the most important thing I learned this quarter was how to work in an office space. Prior to this internship, I’ve always been one who freelanced around. Working with peers and superiors in an office setting is an incredibly important skill to have.

Not only that, but I learned that there is an amazing array of talent in the Zooppa Community!  This is a crowd that can make a brand proud!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Zooppa! I hope I was a satisfactory intern. Psh, never mind. I KNOW I WAS THE BEST INTERN OF ALL TIME!

Meme E

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