“Allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks” More about the cities featured

The allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks contest has 8 days left.  And so far we’ve had videos from 7 different cites. You have a taste of the cooking in firehouses, but what are the cities like that these firefighters are protecting? Let’s take a quick peek at a couple facts and stats about the cities the videos so far have come from.

First up, East Naples, FL as featured in the video “Firehouse Cooks East Naples Florida” by ejcproductions. East Naples is an unincorporated community in Collier County, with a population (as of 1990) of 22,951. It’s located on the southwest side of Florida, and is adjacent to Naples, FL, which, in 2009, “was ranked as one of 10 pricey cities worth its high cost.”

Next up we have Fresno, CA, as featured in “Fresno Fire-House 3 – Fish Tacos” by bjbishop. Fresno sits right smack dab in the middle of California, with a population of 501,362. Record temperature for July? 115 degrees! That’s hot!

Third city on the list is Culver City, CA, featured in the video “allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks CCFD” by redearth. If you look at Culver City on a map, it looks like it’s getting a big hug from Los Angeles. Hundreds if not thousands of movies have been produced on lots and in the streets of Culver City, and now, this video for Firehouse Cooks can be added to the list. Notable Culver City natives include Jack Black, Drew Barrymore and Helen Hunt.

City Number four: West Linn, OR featured in “The Fisherman and the Firehouse” by amluebke. Located Just south of Portland on the Willamette River, West Linn incorporated in 1923, and is now home to 25,392 people. It’s also located right by Willamette Falls, the second largest waterfall in the US by volume.

Fifth up is Englewood, OH, featured in “Fire House Cooking – Station 99” by saymoo.  The people of Englewood got their start making a living in agriculture. As of 1930, there was a whopping 415 people living there, but that number has since grown by about 13,000.

City number six is Point Lookout, MO, featured in “Firemen of the Future” by jordiniman. Point Lookout is an unincorporated area just southwest of Branson, MO, and is home to the College of the Ozarks. Branson made it’s way into the spotlight because of all the musical theaters constructed by well known performers along Highway 76.

And last, but not least, is the fair city of Lake Charles, LA from the video “Cajun Gumbo” by halcmx.  If you want some Cajun culture, Lake Charles is a great place to get it, and they have plenty of festivals to show it off, too, the biggest being Contraband Days, a twelve day festival in May. Not only that, but the city has its own symphony: the Lake Charles Symphony founded in 1938.

That’s the rundown of the cities featured so far in the allrecipes Firehouse Cooks video contest. How many more we’ll we get a peek at by the time September 18th rolls around? 20? 30? 47? We’re excited to take a look at all of them!

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