I Am Self Sufficient

We do think that Possend , because of his naif style and because he looks really autarkic, represents the Italian Comedy of the 80s and 90s. Just to mention some author’s name: Nanni Moretti, in his first period, and the lonely crazy Francesco Nuti.. Possibly this could be a little exaggeration, but the fact is that every Possend’s video booms! Whether he wins or looses: HAVE A LOOK AT IT!

Possend, tell us something about you. Where do you live? What do you do? How have you meet Zooppa?

I live in Teramo, a little town in the centre of Italy, more precisely in Abruzzo….and “…e sono sereno that is to say, I feel good! I am 38 (almost 39), I am single. I am an employee in a little company. I can say I am a serious person, but nevertheless there still is a Peter Pan in me.

In the past I had two passions: the first was the cinema, when I was at school I loved shooting videos with my schoolmates; the second was football, I used to play as a goalkeeper.

Currently I am fed up with football ( I can say I hate it) and as I rarely go to the cinema…I enjoy the theatre playing in some of the historical summer events which occur around here. It’s already two years that I have a pc, and for this reason I can make my kid dream comes true: using the camera properly! Friends and not only friends have hired me for shooting the most incredible events: weddings, baptism, thesis disputing. A friend of mine, because of his words of mouth on Zooppa, has pushed me shooting an ad… I have had so much fun since that time….that’s why I am still here!

Your videos are a mixed of animations and filming. How have you got this idea?

As I do everything alone, I need a bit of creativity to have something or someone to interact with. It is boring and rather repetitive if you are the only person in a video. People are attracted by the animation and through animation you can create whatever you can think of! You really posses the actors and the scene!!

Some of your videos, for example “…e sono sereno” and “Alice: la svolta definitiva”, remind us the cartoon world and they also quote some cinema words. Where do you find your inspiration?

I like quoting, in order to honour the things I like best, so that they are part of my mind. I get inspiration from everything and as well as from nothing. I do something as soon as it come to my mind. I do not loose time and this is because I am alone. I can do what I want, when I want…even if maybe I have less fun!

You are one of the most fertile zoopper! You have posted us six videos. Have you ever thought about any print ads?

Am I really fertile? I woud have never said it! I would like keep doing this. I am not able to realize print ads. And honestly I do not feel like learning to. I have started with the video editing because I like it. I am a self-made man for this! No studies, no handbooks…because I can’t stand handbooks!

Have you ever found in the others zooppers’ concept any idea you would like to shoot? Would you like to join a competition together with other zooppers?

I hare never used other zooppers’ concept just because I do not like to examine them carefully. I have read something good, ( less than five lines), but no inspiration has arrived. So I have always done everything by myself! And that is fine! I would like to collaborate with other, but without driving for more than 84 km from home (as I did with Karl). I do like having something to create as an actor, cameraman or editor, and without loosing time in never ending discussion on “what is better doing” at the beginning and on “why it has been done in this way” at the end. You know that when people do something for fun….people speak and speak because they want to have their ideas realized…and at the end nothing is really made! ( this is true life, not zooppa, but true life!!)

You are the art director, but you are also part of the community. Do you like commenting other zooppers’ works? Have you got any advise in order to ad value to the users’ communication?

I am part of the community because I care about what people say, and think about my videos. The more details they give, the more I appreciate them! I also like advising other people. Unfortunately I do not know what to tell you concerning the communication among users …. I can tell you that what you have done so far it is nice and positive; you have added new good services and it is really possible to interact. However the site was easier to use as it was before and I really liked it (maybe because I was used to it).

You are a frequent zoopper, but you haven’t made money posting your works. What keeps you doing this?

I have fun and I practise. I never take anything for granted. When I was a kid I dreamt about producing cartoons or becoming an actor… it seamed impossible, but today I produce animations, sometime I am an actor and if it is the case I am the art director too. My videos are on line, people can watch them, and people can even comment them! My dream has come true! It can happen I win some money and this is not bad at all!!

Now I have a new dream: I would like to shoot in the open air with next door girls, not professional models, normal people from the road as if they were VIPS. I would like to interview them and then edit their images and voices with music to have reportage as TV cocktails based on what Marzullo, Gaia De Laurentis, programmes like “Costume e Società” “Lucignolo” and “Verissimo” propose us. If out there on the web there is any girl interested you can contact me through Zooppa. Peale note that this is an amateur project, extremely serious, a dream that today seams impossible but tomorrow….never say never!

Last question to end with: you have told us you are a lonely videomaker, how can you be actor and director in the same time?

There is nothing easier than this!! As director you know what you want from the actor and the cameraman! And if something is not perfect and you do not feel like re-shooting it…you simply edit it!!!! You are also the editor! You perfectly know the good and the bad things. You can modify and correct, but you can also improve what you think is more important. The only difficult thing is not to look at the camera and frame yourself precisely in the centre, but often it is better if you are not in the centre!

Awaiting for further developments about this fabulous hobby…I kindly say goodbye.

Jasmine Moore

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