Amazon Freedom to Choose Video Contest

Hey Zooppers,
We have a new contest for you. Amazon is back and asking for videos for their new AmazonWireless site. Cool thing about this contest is that winning videos will be featured on Amazon.com.

Your Mission:
Create a video, 60 seconds or less, that demonstrates how AmazonWireless eliminates the frustration synonymous with the typical mobile phone purchase path. We encourage submissions to be humorous, but be sure to focus on how AmazonWireless keeps the phone shopping experience exciting and easy by giving customers the freedom to choose the phone and/or service plans that’s right for them by highlighting its core benefits relative to buying a phone in a physical store.

For a full list of the core benefits please check out the brief!

Ultimately, AmazonWireless wants you to bring these core benefits to life in a humorous way through your compelling video making skills.

Judges’ Awards:

1st Place $5000
2nd Place $4000
3rd Place $2000
4th Place $1000
5th Place $800
6th Place $700

Voting Awards:

1st Place $1000
2nd Place $500
Take it easy,


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