An exciting close to Chevron: AIDS is Going to Lose video contest!

Wow Zoopsters. Wow.

We here at the Zooppa staff are so incredibly proud of the job our community has done on the Chevron: AIDS is Going to Lose video contest. The bar has definitely been raised!

We will be hard at work, moderating content through the next couple days until we’ve seen all the videos and sorted through all documents. If you don’t see your video live, we may not have gotten to it yet, or we may have contacted you regarding an issue. Please get forms in as soon as you can, and we’ll look them over and contact you if there are issues. There have been a huge number of additional uploads over the weekend through today and we’re working hard to moderate them all.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll get to your questions as soon as we can. And thank you for the wonderful submissions! You guys rock!

Meme E

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