An Important Note on Payment of Prizes in U.S. Competitions

What’s up, Zooppers! As part of our continuing transition from paying prizes in Zoop$ to paying them in U.S. dollars, we’d like to announce a new policy:

From here on out, any prize you claim will be paid on one of four quarterly payout dates: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

Essentially, this is to simplify matters for our overworked, sleep deprived, and generally under-appreciated accounting team. They asked us to make prize payment just a little easier on them and, when they looked at us with those great big puppy dog eyes, we just couldn’t say no.

There will also be a 90 day processing period. This is to give our accounting department ample time to process your tax forms. So, if you win a contest on June 25th, your prize will be paid on October 1st.

Questions? As ever, email us a Zooppa@zooppa.com.

Meme E


  1. Okay, so If I submit my stuff in between two of the “payout dates” – let’s say May 10th, then my payment will be sent in the next payout after the 90 days? So i wouldn’t get it until October 1st? Thanks

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