An Interview With juntaoni, “End of the World” 3rd Place Winner!

Not the end of his world, just some road rash.

1: So, you make films, eh? Tell us about that!

I like to direct, do cinematography, write scripts and act. For this film I was producer, director, cinematographer, editor and screenwriter. My cameramen were Mei Mikano, Dalton Allen and Matthew Hernandez. (Check out this small album of us making the film.)  Mei also did boom op for the classroom portion and some outside. There was no lighting for the classroom portion due to scheduling.

We’re also doing a sci-fi web-series called Arcana together. I’m cinematographer for episodes 2-4 and director of episode 3.

2: End of the World Contest: Why? Go!

I participate in various contests to hone my filmmaking skills and to see the creativity of other great filmmakers.

3: How did you come up with your crazy idea?

At the end of December I decided to do the project and started to try and recruit and cast. As somewhat expected about 20 people bailed the day of the shoot (no pay, no food) and I was left with 10 people. Although I wanted a full class of people, I still think it turned out
great and I had a lot of fun making it. It’s partially my fault for not trying to get food donations to attract people, but I was too busy with various other productions. (My Matrix energy film and Arcana.)

4: Was this based on a true story? I hope not, for your sake.

No, it was more based on a classroom YouTube video of a guy farting in a classroom and everyone being grossed out.

5: Who are your influences as a filmmaker and what makes them awesome?

Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, Wong Kar Wai, Zach Braff and various other amazing directors.

6: What would you like to see in an upcoming Zooppa Spotlight competition?

A abstract piece about evolution (as interpreted by the individual).

7: Do you have any links to your websites or other work you’d like to share?

Curious Coitus is a 17 page short that I’m currently in pre-production on, and I’m looking for donation on my indiegogo page. It’s dark comedy about a boy in a religious family who tries to discover what sex is, but he’s kept in the dark.

Vote for the Matrix Energy film! (See the better quality version here.) Not only will you be supporting my film, but you’ll also be entered to win two tickets to a screening at the 2012 Dallas International Film Festival. Only 2 more weeks to go!

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