Announcing the Best of Zooppa 2009 Competition

We want to thank our Creative Community for being a part of Zooppa over the last year. You all produced some amazing creative for top brands from Jones Soda and Webtel.mobi to Microsoft and Brooks, to name just a few. We want to celebrate the incredible caliber of your work with a special competition – Best of ZooppaUSA 2009! Select video, print, and banner ads from competitions on the US site in 2009 will be included.

The competition opens on January 25th. We will announce the winning ads over the course of five days here on the blog, and on the Best of Zooppa 2009 Contest Page. The Top Ten ads will be announced on February 15th. The Bronze Awards will be assigned on February 16th, Silver Awards on the 17th, Gold Awards on the 18th, and the Grand Prix winners on February 19th.

We are really excited to showcase the best of the best from the Zooppa Community. Thanks again for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to see more great ads from you in 2010!

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