Announcing Zooppa’s Summer Cash Special!

Hey Everyone!

We’re doing two promotions through the end of August that we’re dubbing Zooppa’s Summer Cash Special.
The first promotion starts with our current Zooppers and the second promotion ends with bringing new
Zooppers onboard.

Firstly, to all you current Zooppers, if you refer a client award winning filmmaker to Zooppa who wins a
contest between now and August 31, 2011, you’ll receive a $100 Referral Bonus.  To receive the Bonus,
you’ll need to make sure that your referral enters “SummerCash2011″ in the Promo Code field and your
username in the About Me field of their Zooppa profiles.  We’ve even made it easy for you guys to share the
For the referral promotion, you’re not limited to only one Bonus, it stacks with each winning filmmaker that
you refer. This means you can refer your buddy Jim and when he wins a client award, you get $100. Then,
if you refer your friend Carol and she wins a client award, you get another $100. But note that you don’t
receive more Bonuses if your friends submit multiple winning videos – you only win for the first.

Secondly, we’re incentivizing filmmakers who are not already on Zooppa to sign-up and submit to Zooppa.
From now until August 31st, new Zooppers who sign up and submit a client award-winning video will receive
an extra $500 on top of their client cash award. All these new Zooppers have to do is enter the Promo
Code “SummerCash2011″ in the Promo Code field of their profiles.  But please note that this offer does not
stack at all.  These new Zooppers only get the $500 for their first win between now and August 31st.  The
subsequent wins are just gravy.

Read the official rules here.

**7.27.2011 Update: Please note that both of these offers are limited to the first ten client-award winning videos from new filmmakers between now and August 31.
So, we hope you have fun with this.  If you have any questions, you can post them as comments to this post,
in the forum or email zooppa.usa@zooppa.com.

Jasmine Moore

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