Another bit of advice for the Figurella contest

Dear Zooppers,

The Figurella contest has totally taken off: you’ve already posted 300 ads promoting this company, and we’re still at the beginning of it all!

We just wanted to remind you that for this contest you are competing to create Figurella’s official off-line advertising campaign. Given the significance of the prize up for grabs, the client has given us a little more guidance regarding how we should interpret the contest brief and what they are looking for, so that you can channel your energy in the right direction.

As the brief already emphasized, you shouldn’t rely on the cliché of “before and after” concepts; this is an all-too-easy association when talking about weight loss techniques, but it is old and has been overdone in way too many ad campaigns already.

Figurella wants to emphasize the importance of the personal contact and assistance it offers to the women who entrust themselves to its weight loss program. So, you need to talk about losing weight while puttting Figurella’s personal touch at center stage, perhaps by making use of Figurella’s capable and highly trained personal assistants.

At the same time, try to focus your choice of images, avoiding overly generic ones that could be associated with too many other products and services targeted at women that have nothing to do with weight loss.

We hope that these pieces of advice from us and from the client will prove helpful to you as you try to come up with new ideas. The contest has only just begun, Zooppers! Blow us away the way only you know how!

P.S. For whoever hasn’t already noticed, a small addition has been made to the brief with regard to the prize money for the graphic ad that Figurella selects at the end of the contest.

Meme E

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