April 12, 2011 – A Day To Remember

10 days ago some of us suffered the loss of a very dear friend: The Flip Cam.

We were blessed when he came into this world in mid 2006. His little frame, sleek USB connectivity, and his within-reach price point made him one of the best pocket-sized friends that one could have.

Flip Cam went through some great moments in his life; being upgraded to the Flip Ultra and capturing over 13% of Amazon’s camcorder market, the introduction of his HD capabilities, his shrunken size witnessed in the MinoHD, and his upgrade to SlideHD. He even went on a roll in mid 2010 when he had the option of being customized with one’s favorite picture painted on the front.

In late 2009, we witnessed Cisco Systems invest $590 million to be graced by Flip Cam’s presence. This left us with high hopes for our little friend. Yet, as quickly as he rose into this world, he drifted out of it. We saw Flip stumble and soon thereafter his glory subsided form the “hot new thing” to obsolete. With that, Cisco had no choice but to pull the plug.

While you stare down at us from electronic heaven, Flip Cam, it can be assured that many miniature video recorders will follow your unique path. Yet followers will be built off the stunning legacy you have established. They say we all carry a little piece of Flip with us – in the pocket of our jeans or in the confines of a purse. Because of that, we shall never forget.

Filp Cam is survived by its relatives like the Sony Bloggie and the Xactici as well as its distant cell phone descendants- the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone.

As we conclude our remembrance, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the Flip Cam legacy and what you believe lies on the horizon of media production.


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