AT&T Announces Winners of the Simplify Your Life Contest

We’re ready to announce the results of the AT&T Simplify Your Life campaign! We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. Your work is an amazing example of what makes the Zooppa community so great and we are proud to call you members. This is the largest contest Zooppa has managed to date and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. We hope you have too.

With no further ado….

Here are the winners of the AT&T Simplify Your Life Client Awards!

$20,000 Grand Prize Winner, amturian, “Dave and AT&T”

2nd Place, $3,000, camundson, “Simplify (Grandpa Knows Best)”

3rd place (tie), $1,000

AT&T Awarded a tie between two 3rd place finishers. Both 3rd place finishers will receive a $1,000 prize.

bmorgan1988, $1,000, “Brent Morgan Simplify Your Life”

savisky, $1,000, “Visitors 1”

4th Place, $600, scunningham, “Trying to Quit”

5th Place, $400, tdentsav, “Old School Dad”

6th Place, $300, armenadamian, “Get Your Head Straight”

7th Place, $250, filmreelpro, “Our Lives…Made a Little More Simple”

8th Place, $200, hundleyjared, “Robots”

9th Place, $150, cellxz, “Mulcher Rethinks Possible”

10th Place, $100, Fundays, “Now I Have Time To”

And Here are the Voter’s Choice winners!

1st place, $1,000, “Mulcher Rethinks Possible” by cellxz

2nd place, $750, “Rethink Possible !!” by creativity123

3rd place, $500, “Brent Morgan – Simplify Your Life” by bmorgan1988

4th place, $400, “Everybody needs a hero” by stevek

5th place, $350, Times that count by barringtonprod

6th place, $300, “Make lemonade” by abarr5

7th place, $250, “Simplify my life, simple song” by emh

8th place, $200, “AT&T commercial finallll” by blairfilmer

9th place, $150, “5 minute break” by sanonglatco

10th place, $100, “Handful” by ekimert

Congratulations to all the winners, and to all the fantastic videomakers who participated in this historic contest!

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