AT&T Simplify Your Life Up and Running…But Not on Zooppa!

Zooppa has launched a $30,000 Video Competition with AT&T, but this video competition can’t be found on Zooppa – This competition lives on the Competitions Page, but lives within the AT&T site, it gives AT&T the opportunity to engage the Zooppa community as well as their own community.

The AT&T Simplify Your Life video contest will be familiar to Zoopers, because the architecture of the AT&T site is powered by Zooppa. The contest works just like a regular Zooppa contest – with a brief page, an awards page, an “all videos” page, and a page for each video. So the upload process and interactivity is just like a regular Zooppa contest.


There are a couple key differences in the AT&T contest. For one, AT&T will be reviewing each video before it goes live. The review process will ensure that submissions are on-brief, and don’t contain anything hateful or obscene. But videos will not display immediately – the review process is 24 hours. Also, instead of regular Zooppa voting, $4,000 in voting awards will be determined by facebook “likes”. Anybody with a facebook account can vote for your video.

But the biggest difference may be the “Sharing Prize”.

There is a $1,000 cash prize for sharing the contest videos, or sharing the contest itself. Just click on the sharing toolbar on the