Auditioning Actors

So you’re really good at framing a shot.  You know everything there is to know about setting up lights.  Your sound is crystal clear.  You have the potential to win an editing Oscar, because you’re so good fitting the pieces together.


But how the heck do you get good actors in your film?  How can you tell if someone is good or merely okay?

The answer is: auditions.

Run your audition well, and you’ll know what you can get from your actors before you ever set foot on set. Remember: a builder is only as good as his tools.

Auditioning Actors


How to Run an Audition


How to Hold an Audition


Holding Your Own Auditions:Tips for the Novice or Amateur Indie Film Maker


The Audition Process – Getting Your Cast


How to hire actors for your video contest entries

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