“AYI? Dating Through Friends Has Its Benefits” Awards Announced!

Hear ye, hear ye, all Zooppers far and wide! The awards for the second Are You Interested? contest on Zooppa have been announced, and what a fine bunch of ads they are.  Filmmakers were asked to create a story showing people meeting through mutual friends or mutual interests, and they delivered in spades.  Check out the award winners below, and then head to the entries page to watch the rest of the videos, as each and every one had oodles of hard work and talent poured into it.

1st Place Early Entry Award, $1,500: sigsoft, “Are You Sick of Being Single?”

2nd Place Early Entry Award, $500: jpaulk81, “Someone Special”

1st Place Client Award, $9,000: nickenriquez, “Highly Underrated”

2nd Place Client Award, $5,000: schleppfilms, “The Perfect Match”

3rd Place Client Award, $4,000: DeepEndFilms, “Hold The Door”

4th Place Client Award, $2,500: joshortiz, “AYI Commercial Take #1”

5th Place Client Award, $1,500: filmantopia, “Words of Wisdom”

6th Place Client Award, $1000: JNCFilms, “I Bet”

Thanks for watching!  Want to be on a page like this in the future?  Check out our contest page for your chance to enter and win!

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