Back That Thang Up… Yo

"This is your brain on hard drive failure"

There is nothing worse than a hard drive failing with your entire project on it. Unless you failed to back it up.  That is much, much worse.

I recently had a 4 terrabyte G-RAID external drive fritz out on me.  Did I mention it had my entire project on it… a project I’ve been working on for two years?

Will Self-Destruct in 5…

Bottom line is that digital storage media just can’t be trusted.  Especially when it’s affordable.

The major problem with mainstream storage media (i.e. magnetic hard drives) is that they’re ridiculously fragile.  As the all-knowing Pedia of Wiki Wiki will tell you, even a speck of dust entering the sealed disk chamber (protected by an air filter) can destroy the drive.  This makes digital filmmaking especially problematic when you’re shooting to compact flash or P2 cards.

Back up your backup

With no physical tape backup of your footage, you are definitely going to want to invest in reliable storage systems if you’re at all invested in your project.  Since my failure, I duplicated my backup and have ordered 4 new drives to add to my RAID tower.

When all is said and done I will have a tower of two terabyte drives set in a RAID 5 configuration (if one drive fails, the data can be rebuilt from the other drives.)  Let it be noted that RAID 1/0 is the safest, but RAID 5 allows more usable disk area. My 9 terabytes of data likes that.

Seek no further for your data storage needs:

Basically, until you can afford terabytes of solid state storage, high-end tape solutions or a holographic disk drive… RAID IT UP!  It’s the only way to drive!!!

(get it?  Drive.  hehe)


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