Being Green: As “Not Easy” as Kermit says it is?

Kermit the Frog famously sang the song, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” which you can watch here:

But as the years have passed, has anyone really taken apart that assumption to see if it really is difficult to be green or if Kermit was just having a bad day. Let’s take a look at some other green folks in the world and see if they have is easy or hard.

1: The Incredible Hulk

Mild mannered Bruce Banner, irradiated by Gamma rays, turns into a green monster  whenever he gets angry.  And people don’t like him when he’s angry.

Pros: Super strength, awesome jumping skills, expanding purple pants

Cons: Lonely life, poor language skills, hunted by the US Army and shot at with military grade weaponry.

Verdict: Not Easy Being Green

2: The Jolly Green Giant

The mascot of the Green Giant brand of frozen and canned vegetables has been promoting healthy veggies since 1928.  He’s a really tall, happy fellow who’s been steadily employed for 84 years.

Easy: Has his own Valley, Charming Santa-like laugh, all the peas and corn he can eat.

Not Easy: Hard to find clothes that fit other than leaf tunics.

Verdict: Easy being green

3: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay, Wisconsin has “the last vestige of ‘small town teams’ in the NFL” the Green Bay Packers. They have the most championships of any team in the NFL, with 9 in the pre-Superbowl Era plus four Super Bowls. This year they stand atop the NFC North at 11-5.

Easy: Most championships in NFL, loyal fan-base, quality 2012 season.

Not Easy: Fans are called “cheeseheads.,” this game:

Verdict: Easy being green

4: Gumby

A lovable claymation character originating in the 50’s, with his sidekick Pokey.  He influenced many a claymation character in the ensuing years, and has inspired some terrific parodies as well.

Easy: Really bendy, beloved by children of many generations, has a horse

Not Easy: Has to deal with Blockheads, horse’s name is Pokey.

Verdict: Easy being green

5: Greenpeace

An international environmental organization dedicated to ensuring Earth can nurture life in all its diversity.  The most well-known environmental group in the world, they try to save the planet, but sometimes are a lightning rod for controversy. They make funny commercials, though.


Not Easy: Anybody with a clipboard on a street corner doesn’t have it easy, saving the planet is tough

Verdict: Not Easy

Well, at 3-2 in favor of easy, it looks like Kermit was wrong.  It’s easy being green.  And you can show us just how easy it is by entering our Tourism Ireland Guerrilla Greenings contest here on Zooppa.  Turn something green today! It’s easy!

Jasmine Moore

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