Best April Fools pranks of 2017

Which ones did you fall for?

April 1st has come and passed, but the pranks will forever go down in history. Major companies decided that they wanted to play along this year. Take a look at some of the funniest ads this April Fools. It’s all fun and games until someone actually falls for them. 

1. Google

Introducing Google Gnome: The smart yard is finally here.


2. Amazon

Amazon Echo with Petlexa

3. T-Mobile

Redefine the definition of unlimited coverage: The T-Mobile ONEsie.

4. Burger King

Keep the Whopper’s taste in your mouth…forever.

5. McLaren

Recreating the supercar design.

6. Hulu

Introducing Hu, the fastest way to watch your favorite shows.


7. Lyft

Introducing the Power Glove…request rides autonomously.


8. Zappos

No more stolen boxes with the new invisible box.


Did you also catch Snapchat’s exclusive one-day only Instagram filter? Because apparently your only followers on Instagram are your mom and two others. (Photo courtesy of techcrunch.com)

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Chantal Wong

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