Best Of Zooppa USA 2009: Bronze and Silver Winners Announced!



Rap Around the World by Joshinthebox

This amazing video captured our attention with catchy music and unstoppable lyrics.

We were singing this around the office for weeks!


Where can I sign up? by Zeek

One of Zeek’s first videos at Zooppa. This video combines a sleek, clean style with dry humor and great acting.

The balance between humor and product information made this a clear winner for Microsoft. Good job Zeek!



Lesson I: Vocabulary by tzulingliu

Tzulingliu’s entry succeeds in drawing the viewer into the frame with the promise of learning something new. Not only do we see a pretty photo and learn what the word ‘Leaven’ means, but we see how it relates the company e.leaven. Clean, clear, and interesting.


Gaba Acid by Genevwar

This ad grabs you and won’t let go. You can almost taste the strawberry. Genevwar’s excellent use of photoshop and sense of design makes this graphic very powerful. There is a clear message about the beverage without using words. Not an easy thing to do!



go ducky, go….. by Molotkoff

Great animation and a great sense of humor. The first time you see this, you don’t know how it’s going to end. Great job Molotkoff!


Irresistible by tzulingliu

Tzulingliu’s simple style and mouthwatering images make this banner just perfect for e.leaven. They loved it!

Jasmine Moore

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